Sunday, November 20, 2011

Milestones and giggles

Eliana doing tummy time.

Eliana is growing and doing so much. In the last month or so she has started smiling a lot, and in the last week or so she has started giggling and talking. Lately, it sounds like she is actually trying to say some words. She has been turning her aquarium on and off for months. And now she is learning to lift her head good during tummy time and roll over. Today she rolled from her front to her back. She loves to play patty cake, and she loves kisses. She usually always smiles when I kiss her toes, ears, face, lips, and tummy. She has perfected her kicky kicks. And she loves it when we clap and tell her how good she is doing. That really encourages her. She really enjoys stuffed animals too, especially Birdie, Baby Birdie, and Jasmine's Webkin, Icy the Penguin.She is now around nine pounds. She loves her family, and is a real sweetie. She is such a joy.

Jasmine. Picture by Nana. :)

Jasmine is 13 and in the 8th grade. She is beautiful. I still call her my Sunshine. She is into many things including blogging, stop motion movie making, comic writing, doll collecting, drawing, etc. She is a good big sister. Her and Eliana love each other very much.

This has been an update on my girls. We are so blessed, and thank God for everything.


  1. So glad to hear Eliana is growing and learning and progressing so well. Very excited for her, you, and your family. Jasmine is a beatutiful girl - Eliana is lucky to have such an excellent big sis!

  2. Two beautiful sweeties ! I love you all !